SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN Solutions

Amidst cloud adoption, avoid the risk of falling behind with our SD-WAN Solutions. Your existing MPLS network may be worn out, significantly slower, costlier to operate, and increasingly inefficient for end users.

A new and rapidly growing solution for greater control, agility, and enhanced digitisation is the Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). It’s highly recommended for its efficiency to operate and for being more cost effective than a conventional network setup.

A traditional MPLS network involves ceding control to the service provider. On the other hand, our SD-WAN technology ensures you have full knowledge of who’s accessing what, when, and how it’s performing. This is possible because it extracts traffic management from your network systems and applies it to individual applications. It’s capable of monitoring elements like delay, jitter, packet loss and more.

It’s good to note that SD-WAN can also complement your existing WAN connectivity by reducing the strain on your existing MPLS network. It can free up MPLS network bandwidth to serve vital apps by taking on non-critical applications, or it can simply provide double security.

3Columns technical consultants are experienced at deploying SD-WAN. We look forward to working with your teams to:

  • Understand your technical requirements.
  • Select the vendors and components that provide the best fit and value for your money and needs.
  • Implement your network.
  • Optimise network performance to fulfill ongoing business requirements.
  • Safeguard it through continuous network management and security management.

We offer an obligation-free consultation to discuss more about your SD-WAN needs. Call us today.


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