Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

With the growth of your business comes the undeniable need for data center solutions to keep up with your increasing data expansion. In doing so, it is essential to keep in mind that there is no single way to implement it.

Different applications mean different sets of infrastructure requirements. Some applications may be perfect for the cloud, but not all are ready for such transition yet.

What we do is help you determine what’s best for your applications. Should you start migrating all your applications to the cloud or should you keep them in-house? Either way, 3Columns Data Centre Solutions (DCS) will guide you through, from decision-making to secure execution.

Allow us to render our expertise in this digital transformation and we can help you with various deployments, including:

On-Prem: – CISCO UCS, ACI, Hyperflex and more.

Cloud: – AWS, Azure, Office365


3Columns is the result of one man’s determination to provide a reliable cyber security partner to address security issues faced by every company.

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