Can SD-WAN Improve Company Security?

Can SD-WAN Improve Company Security?

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is an efficient way to address IT challenges brought by new business models that rely on the cloud and the internet. While technology is advancing, security threats, compliance issues, and other concerns are also growing. It’s crucial to consider emerging solutions like the SD-WAN for these challenges.

SD-WAN is a novel approach to connectivity, allowing better usage of resources for multisite deployments. It permits network administrators to utilize bandwidth efficiently without sacrificing privacy or security.

If you are wondering if SD-WAN can improve company security, here’s a guide to help you make the right investment that will protect your assets and data.

SD-WAN Architecture Types

SD-WAN implies the use of software to manage connectivity, data center services, cloud instances and remote branches. Its deployment helps simplify the implementation of new connections among branch offices, enabling the segmentation, partition, and management of traffic traversing the network.

SD-WAN is designed with an overlay architecture, allowing the addition of new elements to the permanent infrastructure to set up and manage multiple connections. This cloud-based solution requires an architecture that consists of software only or with existing hardware, such as:

  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based architecture uses on-site equipment at several endpoints to create a virtual IP network that allows end-to-end management.
  • Premises-based structure, which uses on-site hardware in a single area, ideal for small businesses.
  • Internet-based network that uses multiple hardware at every location. The customer picks a web provider and sets up a portion of their connection to SD-WAN.

How Does SD-WAN Improve Network Security?

SD-WAN has been highly touted to reduce costs, enhance connectivity, and most importantly, improve network security.

With the digital transformation of businesses comes network vulnerability as more applications migrate to the cloud. SD-WAN providers deliver dynamic security features to help prevent downtime, data loss, compliance violations, and legal liabilities for companies.

In a survey conducted by SSE Telecoms, enterprises deploying SD-WAN are likely to be protected from security issues versus those that made no such investment. SD-WAN-enabled businesses can modify security policies by giving access to only a select few.

Here are other ways SD-WAN can enhance network security:

It Encrypts Traffic

A significant feature of SD-WAN is its ability to reduce traffic since all site-to-site traffic is encrypted. That means all data moving through the network are protected as they are transferred from one location to another.

An SD-WAN deployment facilitates multipoint VPN via IP Security (IPSec), creating an encryption tunnel that makes underlying transport elements less relevant. All connections sifting through the network are considered untrusted and therefore enable the encryption of all traffic passing through the link.

The end-to-end encryption provided by SD-WAN helps organizations stack several connections and applications while also adding protection to sensitive data stored in the infrastructure.

It Reduces VPN Concerns

Traditional methods of transferring crucial data over the internet involved setting up a secure virtual private network (VPN). Companies typically send and receive data continuously, which means multiple VPNs must be created and managed. These connections also require firewalls, which call for more effort to make and control.

However, this set up is prone to failovers. A seamless VPN approach requires sophisticated machinery and significant investments into security protocols so that locations can safely exchange information. SD-WAN eliminates the need for firewalls due to the encryption of traffic. The IPsec tunnels are built by the smart software as soon as the device goes live.

It Prevents Unwanted Attacks

Diverse infrastructure in a WAN is more likely to experience vulnerabilities, mainly since there is a broader attack surface in which security threats can slip through. Traffic going through an SD-WAN is visible, including the type and amount of traffic. Anything out of the ordinary may indicate a security issue that needs to be reviewed.

SD-WAN assigns its control hub as the only possible point of attack, boosting the confidence of enterprises that data transported through the connection is secure.

It Segments Networks Across Sites

It can’t be stressed enough how a broad attack surface can increase exposure to security threats. One excellent feature of the SD-WAN is network segmentation, grouping traffic by policies or application characteristics. This micro-segmentation outside the data center enables granular control over what happens to traffic transported through the network.
Segmentation allows companies to isolate access across devices. For instance, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) administrators will be able to better manage and monitor systems in several locations, which can be done on a separate network segment, preventing any security breach to their client’s network infrastructure.

Partner with the Best Technical Consultants

SD-WAN can significantly improve company security, integrating valuable security features that enable the company to control and protect crucial data efficiently. It enhances network management, reinforcing the enterprise’s IT defense against threats and breaches.

You should consider it as a starting point for risk reduction. Choose the right service provider that will deploy the proper SD-WAN architecture based on company requirements. Contact us today and discover how we can help you.


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