The Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant

The Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant

The world has seen rapid growth in technology over recent years. For small or medium-sized businesses that want to be stay abreast of these advancements, hiring an IT consultant could be highly beneficial.

Seeking help from an external IT expert is a good business practice, especially if your organization does not have a regular human resource with technical knowledge and expertise needed to resolve the issue.

An IT consultant is the go-to person for critical issues in the business’s IT infrastructure. That consultant would provide expert advice and having a reliable and efficient professional on the side to guide you through the decision-making process related to your business technology needs certainly does not hurt. However, final decisions rest entirely on you, the business owner.

What Is IT Consulting?

IT Consulting is a service that provides the necessary skills and knowledge to address a business’s need for project management, programming, analytics, business intelligence, or IT infrastructure maintenance.

IT consultants operate on a per-contract basis and are tasked to give architectural, strategic and operational support, and as well as manpower services. These experts provide not only advice but a sourcing road map to IT solutions that a business requires.

For small to medium-sized companies, hiring an in-house IT professional adds to overhead costs. Outsourcing the service to an IT consultant is convenient, accessible and even practical for companies that want a more cost-effective solution.

What Does an IT Consultant Do?

The scope of IT consulting work includes:

  • Meeting the shortage of skilled manpower on an as-need basis
  • Filling the gap of any absentee employee
  • Providing the required skill set that in-house employees lack
  • Availing expertise gained from special trainings
  • Delivering possible IT solutions to improve the IT system efficiency and structure of a company
  • Reviewing products used by the business and offering sound advice regarding such products
  • Providing possible solutions in a short period that otherwise would take longer for clients to figure out

The Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultants

If you’re still not sure whether or not an IT consultant’s help is the best decision for your company, this list could convince you.  

1. They give access to specialized IT expertise.

There is a big difference between a company that can buy the latest technology and one with a consultant who can maximize such technology to improve services and workflow.

For instance, the financial sector usually has complex IT systems that only an IT consultant with specialized skills and knowledge can understand. This is the beauty of consulting companies—they can provide you with the resource to do the job without having to hire them permanently. You pay for only the service they provide.

An IT consultant can deliver the special skills set readily, as opposed to sending an employee for specialized training, which could incur expenses and loss of time.

2. They help you focus on core business activities.

Sometimes, a business loses track of its core strategies because a pressing concern is taking most their focus and efforts. If IT functions are just a fraction of your business, it may be more practical to delegate such tasks to an IT consultant.

Workload is a stress hazard for employees that can be detrimental to their health if left unaddressed. This means that taking the time to learn a skill or constantly putting out fires at work amidst main responsibilities can be draining both mentally and physically.

For instance, if your company focuses more on marketing, it would be a wise decision to hire a consultant for the IT concerns, such as building a marketing software or fixing errors in inventory management. IT consulting is a dedicated profession that spends years to master, and you can trust IT consultants to be highly competent in this area.

3. They help reduce downtime.

When an IT issue arises, it usually halts certain business processes that can potentially disrupt the workflow if left unaddressed. Hardware failure, network connectivity issues and human error all contribute to potential and sometimes damaging losses for the company.

 In a recent survey of enterprises worldwide, 25% of respondents say that an hour of downtime costs them around $301,000-$400,000. Prolonged disruption can affect employee productivity and incur further financial losses.

4. They help increase productivity.

Technology fosters communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration, which ultimately improve the productivity of the workforce and the business itself, and is a factor that motivates employees.

For instance, customer service is enhanced when there is a well-maintained telecommunications infrastructure in place. Having a convenient channel to reach customers and get a better insight into their needs and wants can foster further innovation.

5. They reduce overhead costs

Hiring an IT expert as a permanent employee forces you to pay a fixed salary regardless of whether they provided services or not. You will also have to cover benefits such as health and insurance and set up a workspace for them. All these things can add up and increase your monthly expenses, which is impractical especially for small businesses.

With an IT consultant working on a per-contract basis, you can receive effective IT services for a fraction of the cost, because you only ever need to pay for their performance and services.

6. They help gain and retain employees.

Employees appreciate a job that falls under their scope of expertise. Your business will benefit more when the people you hire can focus on doing their job well rather than solving problems, such as those related to IT, that are beyond their skills. With an IT consultant, your employees can be assured that they can get help whenever they need.

A company with a stable IT infrastructure encourages prospective employees to join the workforce since they can rest well knowing that they aren’t expected to solve IT problems on their own.

Find the Right Service Provider

They say finding the right human resource is one of the most difficult aspects of business. The first step is having a clearer picture of the benefits of hiring an IT consultant and why you need one. If you want your business to run smoothly and attract customers, choosing the right partner is an important decision. Are you looking to hire an IT consultant to address your business system needs? We can help you. Send us a message today!

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