Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Believe it or not, there is a good kind of hacking—penetration testing services. Over the last decade, public awareness of hacking has grown significantly and almost always carries negative connotations. But that should not always  be the case.

It’s no longer effective and could result in being costly when you implement a firewall and expect it to be the only thing responsible for protecting your data and financial assets.

Penetration testing is hacking for good. This process involves cybersecurity consultants simulating attacks on client systems to identify weak spots so they can be fortified. It’s a natural complement to firewalls and should be performed often to secure your network, apps, internet of things (IOT) devices and cloud services.

Our penetration testing services boast of being affordable, simplified, and effective. Our highly qualified team of certified engineers (CISSP, CEH and OSCP) can implement an effective pen testing program for you, covering all of the following penetration tests.

  • Internal Infrastructure. Statistics indicate that up to 90% of attacks originate from inside a network. Our internal pen tests help secure your systems against data theft, fraud, phishing, social engineering, and industrial espionage.
  • External Infrastructure – We thoroughly test the services on your external facing infrastructure, firewalls, IPS, and VPNs to see if it can withstand an attack. We’ll expose the hidden vulnerabilities and fix them before they can be exploited by hackers
  • Applications – Programs that crash upon launch are inconvenient but can also disguise code loopholes for hackers to exploit. Application pen tests strengthen your apps against those vulnerabilities.
  • Wireless Network – It’s easier than ever to access information without being physically present in an office, and that applies to employees and criminals alike. Our testers pinpoint weak spots and make recommendations to enhance network security.


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