IT Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments

As a business owner, you should consider IT vulnerability assessment, which means being extra particular about managing priorities against resources to retain cash flow. But oftentimes, you end up compromising on cybersecurity, and seeing results like these:

  • You have a firewall and anti-virus but still get attacked occasionally, and still receive ransomware emails.
  • Your IT provider only manages/responds to firewall alerts

This is not how 3Columns operate. We are dedicated to strengthening businesses, no matter the size, by investigating your security needs to create a solution that fulfills them and deters hackers.

Our process includes:

  • A security audit by a Certified Ethical Hacker to expose current risks and potential threats to your existing systems.
  • A snapshot of your preparedness against attack in comparison to industry best practices
  • Step-by-step guidance through the remediation process, giving you the knowledge to counter threats and achieve confidence, integrity and availability (CIA) with added agility.


BenefitsTypes of Assessments
Detect vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them and you.
Internal (threats from within your system)
Test your insurance contract and business response to attack.
External (outside threats to your system)
Comply with government and industry regulations.Social Engineering (using personal relationships to gather information and exploit your system)
Learn to protect yourself from harm.Wireless (threats within your network)
Physical (hardware vulnerabilities)
Apps & Databases (software vulnerabilities)
Comprehensive (all of the above)


3Columns is the result of one man’s determination to provide a reliable cyber security partner to address security issues faced by every company.

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