Incident Management

Incident Management

Cybercriminals find new and sophisticated tactics to attack businesses, many of which simply lack the resources to stay vigilant 24/7. So this is where Incident Management Services come in.

According to Ponemon Institute research, it takes 11 months to identify and contain a data breach. Not all organisations can spend limited resources chasing after shadows like that. It is, therefore, no wonder that establishments are resorting to incident management solutions.

We believe that to beat a hacker, you need a hacker on your side. 3Columns provides 24/7, 35-day incident monitoring and management. We’ve recruited a squad of hackers to exclusively guard your back. Our highly certified team of technical experts (CISSP, CEH, CCIE) are always on-watch to diagnose and thoroughly remove perceived threats.

Here’s the deal. Firewall monitoring is not only what we do. We also proactively handle attempted hacks, malware, and ransomware attacks.

To do this, we contain the threat by isolating it from your critical systems. Next, we remediate it and bring your system back to a working state. Along the way, we conduct a root cause analysis, taking a deep dive to learn what exactly occurred and how exactly it happened so we can prevent it from occurring again.

We take each and every alert seriously by looking at your traffic logs and correlating the activity against the devices on your network. We combine hacker-thought processes with advanced tools to comprehensively safeguard your network against all kinds of imaginable risks.

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3Columns is the result of one man’s determination to provide a reliable cyber security partner to address security issues faced by every company.

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