Business Firewall Solutions

Firewall Solutions

There was a time when business firewall solutions like your enterprise firewall and your anti-virus software were the main and the first line of defense against viruses and cyberattacks.

Time has changed and the landscape is considerably different today. Not all firewalls can repel opportunistic cyberattacks, let alone targeted ones.

Trust us to upgrade your security with a Next-Gen Firewall solution. We execute rigorous post-implementation testing by CEH certified professionals trained in their use (and abuse) to ensure a well strengthened tool.

Being vendor-agnostic, we only work with the major firewall vendors. So you can be assured that the ideal solution is based purely on your unique business requirements. Our in-house team will do an in-depth study to come up with the best fit for your end-to-end needs.

Moreover, 3Columns’ comprehensive service covers a fully managed service wherein we monitor the status of your hardware and proactively correlate all logs against any alert.

Want to know more about how to secure your business? We’re only a call away.


3Columns is the result of one man’s determination to provide a reliable cyber security partner to address security issues faced by every company.

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